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I am still putting together my 2018 teaching itinerary, although it is likely to bring me to Mexico, Scandanavia, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Italy, China and a few other exciting destinations. Stay tuned!

For the sake of nostalgia, the following are the places I visited in the second half of 2017:

June 3-4: LaJolla, California; "Spiritual Advisor Immersion"

          Contact: Sheel Seidler  sheel@kundaliniwindansea.com

June 20: Mazatlan, Mexico; "Your Soul is Your Best Soulmate"

          Contact: Blanca Peloyo  blancapeloyop@yahoo.com.mx

July 7-8: Monterrey, Mexico; "The Art of True Love"

          Contact Miguel Angel Ramirez Gonzalez  gamir86@gmail.com

July 14: Buenos Aires; "The Art of True Love"

          Contact: Har Tirath Kaur  htk@caminosalinfinito.com

July 15-16: Banfield, Argentina; "Warrior Saint"

          Contact: Naryan Karta Kaur  danaieta@hotmail.com

July 17: Montevideo, Uruguay; "How to Inspire and Uplift Others"

          Contact: Surajdev Singh  diegonicolasalegresa@gmail.com

July 20: Buenos Aires; "Follow the Arrows"

          Contact: Marghertia Baratti  margherita.baratti@gmail.com

July 28-30: Rosario, Argentina; "Spiritual Advisor Immersion Course"

          Contact: Noelia  nbruksch@gmail.com

August 1: La Plata, Argentina; "Follow the Arrows"

          Contact: Guru Nater Singh  gurunatersingh@gmail.com

August 5-6: Vina del Mar, Chile; "Warrior Saint"

          Contact: Guru Banda Singh  gurubandas@gmail.com

August 9: Santiago, Chile; "The Art of True Love"

          Contact: Guru Sansar Singh  gurusansarsingh@gmail.com

Sept 5-10: Cali, Colombia;  "Spiritual Advisor Immersion Course"

          Contact: Camila Ceron  camiceron@hotmail.com

Sept 29-Oct 1: Mexico City "Spiritual Advisor Immersion Course"

          Contact: Gabriela B.  lacamarasecreta2000@yahoo.com.mx

October 20: Philadelphia, PA; "Follow the Arrows"

          Contact: Diana D'Amato  dyworkshops@gmail.com

October 29: Tokyo, Japan; "Follow the Arrows"

          Contact: Harinderpal Kaur  saraharinderpal@gmail.com

November 10-12: Kunming, China; "Follow the Arrows"

          Contact: Qin Zhao  1239429201@qq.com

November 18-19: Xiamen, China; "Follow the Arrows"

          Contact: Jiwan Jeet Kaur  20191364@qq.com

November 25-26: Shenzhen, China; "Follow the Arrows"

          Contact: Aditi  434709477@qq.com

December 2-10: Xiamen, China; "Spiritual Advisor Course 1"

          Contact: Angad Kaur rebeclo@yahoo.com

December 12-15: Xiamen, China; "Spiritual Advisor Course 2"

          Contact: Angad Kaur rebeclo@yahoo.com

December 17: Bangkok, Thailand; "Follow the Arrows"

          Contact: Ajeet Nam Kaur  giles@truemail.co.th

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