Hari Nam Singh Interview Iquique Chile April 2006

Center for Existential and Spiritual Counseling

The Center for Existential and Spiritual Counseling is an integral part of The Khalsa Consciousness Project, offering individual and couples counseling in a manner congruent with the mission of The Project, i.e., guiding people towards their destiny by helping them overcome and learn from the obstacles they may be facing in everyday life. The Center also offers intensive trainings in the style of spiritual advising developed and employed by founder and director, Hari Nam Singh Khalsa, "Personal Liberation Therapy" ("The Art of the Tranformational Conversation").

For more details about the style and philosophical foundation of this form of spiritual advising, how you can arrange for a private session or how you can learn how to practice this form of spiritual advising yourself, please visit the appropriate webpage: "Counseling Philosophy," "Scheduling Private Session," or "Spiritual Advisor Training."

Contact Info

+1 (503) 295-1191