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Counseling Mission

Counseling Philosophy

(In the words of founder and director Hari Nam Singh Khalsa):

I use an extremely unique approach to counseling, which is at the same time directive, solution-based and spiritually oriented. Normally, within one session the life obstacle calling for the most immediate attention is clearly revealed and a pragmatic strategy to overcome it presented.

I borrow heavily and unabashedly from the counseling style employed by my beloved spiritual teacher, Yogi Bhajan, who I had the pleasure of observing first-hand for many years doing what only he could do. To sit in his presence meant having a mirror staring you in the face and then having to sort it all out afterwards, which you ultimately did. He was simply amazing.

I have also been inspired and influenced by other giants and written classics in the field, especially "Existential Psychotherapy" by Irvin Yalom, which in a nutshell says, 1) We are mortal beings, coming into this world alone and then leaving alone, 2) While we are here, we have the freedom to do and be anything we want, 3) With this absolute freedom comes responsibility, ultimately the need to take responsibility for one's own happiness and fulfillment, 4) The root cause of all emotional and psychological anxiety is unconscious fear of death and "existential solitude," which can only be resolved when a person feels that his or her life has meaning and purpose.

So bringing all this together, no matter what the real life challenge involved, be it in the world of career, relationships, spiritual growth, whatever; in the end, my goal is to get the person(s) sitting in front to me one step closer to their true destiny, so that they feel every aspect of their life is congruent and filled with meaning and purpose. For this reason, I have dubbed my style of counseling/spiritual advising as  "Personal Liberation Therapy," or in other words, "The Art of the Transformative Conversation."

"The objective of my role as a spiritual advisor and counselor is to bring lightness where there is darkness, clarity where there is doubt and peace where there is discontent. I am not merely concerned about the alleviation of emotional suffering, but rather the revelation of truth, beauty, meaning and fulfillment."

- Hari Nam Singh Khalsa, Dir.

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