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Spiritual Advisor Training

After decades of advising thousands of people around the world, and receiving many accolades for his rapid and effective style of counseling, in 2006 Hari Nam Singh developed an immersion course where he could share this life-tranforming way of helping others, inspired by what he learned from Yoga Bhajan, as well as from his own personal and professional experience. Since then, Hari Nam has given this immersion course numerous times in the United States, Mexico, South America and Asia.

This training will be of invaluable assistance to any person viewed as being in a position of trust and guidance. Thus, this course will be perfect for psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, social workers, coaches, business executives, attorneys, members of the clergy, yoga teachers, school teachers and parents.

Hari Nam delivers this immersion course in different formats (one weekend, four days, eight days) depending on the needs of the group he is giving the course to; the longer the duration of the course, naturally the more in-depth the exploration of the material.

After giving the introductory immersion course, Hari Nam often returns to give instruction on how to apply this counseling approach to specific aspects of life, such as relationships, depression, death and dying, career, mission, spiritual development.

To request a training in your area, please submit your request on the "contact" page of this website, or email or call Hari Nam at info@spiritualcounselor.org or 503-295-1191.

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