Hari Nam Singh teaching Chile Yoga Festival January 2012

Yoga Heaven

Yoga Heaven is an integral part of The Khalsa Consciousness Project. This entity is dedicated to spreading the "spiritual technology" of the mission, i.e., the tools available on this path for personal and spiritual development, ultimately leading to individual and global liberation.

These tools for personal transformation will be transmitted by:

     - Kundalini Yoga/Meditation Classes

     - Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainings

     - Hosting Sadhana (Daily Morning Spiritual Discipline)

     - Spreading the Teachings of Sikh Dharma

     - Workshops on Themes of Personal and Spiritual Development

     - Targeted Workshops: i.e., Conscious Leadership for Executives

     - Public Speaking and Media Appearances

     - Books

Contact Info

+1 (503) 295-1191